Why Bayleys?

What Bayleys Does Differently

Any agency can tell you what they do, but it is what Bayleys does differently that will benefit you.

Maximising the sale price of your residential property is all about casting the net as wide as possible and uncovering buyers that you might not reach just through traditional advertising. Bayleys reaches buyers that others can't.

1. Cost effective, extensive, innovative marketing
Bayleys marketing is the greatest penetration to your target market and is the leader in new marketing initiatives.

2. Teamwork - There's safety in numbers
No other North Shore agency works as effectively as a team. Over 85% of the sales in our office involve two or more people.

3. Written weekly detailed reports
During the sales process we will personally deliver an extensive written weekly report summarising the number of enquiries, marketing, property feedback, and price indications. We'll tell you what you need to hear - others will tell you what you want to hear.

4. Bring you the maximum number of bidders at Auction or Tender close
We consistently have the greatest number of bidders at our Auctions and the most Tenders at closing date. By doing this we ensure competition creating a premium price.

5. Focus on value over cost
We may not necessarily be the cheapest but any costs will be far outweighed by the value we add.

6. Follow up
Once the property is sold we stay in touch with both parties to ensure all runs smoothly until settlement and keep in touch thereafter. We see you as a long term client - not a 'one hit wonder'.