Selection of Properties Sold

2/7 The Avenue, Albany                        
6 Lauris Crescent, Birkdale
1/17 Pupuke Road, Birkenhead                     
68A Mokoia Road, Birkenhead                       
4/96 Balmain Road, Birkenhead
15 Helvetia Drive, Browns Bay
1/12 Elmira Place, Browns Bay                      
17D Langana Crescent, Browns Bay
3 Kahikatea Place, Campbells Bay                   
2 Kahikatea Place, Campbells Bay                 
246A Beach Road, Campbells Bay
65B Park Rise, Campbells Bay          
3/9 Marama Street, Castor Bay
95A Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay                    
95a Beach Road, Castor Bay     
45 Eastcliffe Road, Castor Bay
25a Eastcliffe Road, Castor Bay                      
1/35 Merriefield Avenue, Forrest Hill
55 Bond Crescent, Forrest Hill                        
2 Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill
7A Morton Avenue, Forrest Hill                                  
162 East Coast Road, Forrest Hill
1/17 Greenvalley Rise, Glenfield              
15 Fernwood Drive, Glenfield
214 Archers Road, Glenfield
158 Archers Road, Glenfield                          
210 Archers Road, Glenfield
3 Birchfield Road, Hauraki
1-4 Keeling Road, Henderson
1/17 Evelyn Place, Hillcrest
2/17 Evelyn Place, Hillcrest                           
1/1 Penzance Road, Mairangi Bay                  
441E Beach Road, Mairangi Bay                      
9 Nile Road, Milford    
10A Pierce Road, Milford   
2/51 Shakespeare Road, Milford                               
20 Kitchener Road, Milford
59 Forrest Hill Road, Milford                        
2/51 Shakespeare Road, Milford                    
30A Shakespeare Road, Milford
39A Prsopect Terrace, Milford 
26B Shakespeare Road, Milford                        
3B Dallinghoe Crescent, Milford                                     
2/14 Prospect Terrace, Milford  
1/28 Penning Road, Milford 
19A Marsh Avenue, Milford                             
2/90 Kitchener Road, Milford                           
1/2 Stratford Avenue, Milford
17 Penning Road, Milford                            
60A Parr Terrace, Milford
3A Dallinghoe Crescent, Milford                 
13/81 Shakespeare Road, Milford                   
56c Nile Road, Milford                                       
8B Craig Road, Milford                                     
15A Milford Road, Milford                          
2/34 Heathcote Road, Milford             
2/21 Thornton Road, Milford
27A Stanley Avenue, Milford
3/149 Shakespeare Road, Milford
10-12 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote                           
1/101 Exmouth Road, Northcote                             
10-12 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote
1/69 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote
2/28 Sandown Road, Rothesay Bay                           
3 Masterton Road, Rothesay Bay                    
32 Masterton Road, Rothesay Bay                  
27B Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook  
1/35 Cockayne Crescent, Sunnynook              
26 Harley Road, Takapuna  
8 Ander Place, Takapuna                    
245D Hurstmere Road, Takapuna                               
49b Karaka Street, Takapuna  
245c Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
1/193 Lake Road, Takapuna              
17 Condor Place, Unsworth Heights